Hauck Condor Travel System

This is our current pushchair. We bought it second hand and it was still in immaculate condition. I was looking into getting a newer version of the one we got, from what I could see the main differences were that in the newer one you can remove the base pushchair seat but in the older version you can’t. This pushchair was lovely, smooth and very easy to steer. It was quite straight forward to put either the pram top or the car sear onto the base. It was a little bit trickier to get them back off again. I totally love this pushchair but there is one annoying feature and that’s the brake.. The back right brake seems loose and clicks the entire time the wheels move and when i try to apply the brakes they don’t work well or at all. Another slight downside is that the rain cover zips on to the hood so isn’t brilliant when the car seat is attached and cannot be fitted when the pram part is on. Also another down side is that the cosy toes part is applied by poppers and they apply to the hood and my now 10 month old is nosey and it’s near impossible to see with out when the cosy toes is attached and she ends up pulling them off and it falls to the floor- very annoying when in transit!


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