John Freida Frizz Ease Smooth Start Review

So this is the impressive BzzKit I was sent as a BzzAgent to try out and review.

This was my hair before trying the products.
I then used the Smooth Start Shampoo and Conditioner and the Six Effects Serum. I then dried and straightened my hair and used the Secret Agent Touch-Up Creme to finish.

This is the after photo, (and yes it’s a different style as I’d had my hair cut earlier in the day).
I am very impressed with the results. I was worried that the Serum would make my hair greasy as most have done in the past, but the Frizz Ease Six Effects Serum was lovely in keeping my hair smooth but without making it greasy. The shampoo was fantastic and you need very little for it to work in. The conditioner was lovely too and helped to make my hair smooth.
But my favourite product out of the lot was the Secret Agent Touch-Up Creme. It was fantastic at keeping those flyaway hairs at bay and even really helped with my training of my new fringe.
I would really recommend the Frizz Ease range of products as I found my hair improved a lot using them.


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