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Kayleighs graduation from playgroup!

So the time came and Kayleigh has now graduated from Playgroup. It had been a lovely year at St Barnabas Playgroup. I am so happy she got to go there and am very happy that Peyton gets to go in a couple of years.
The graduation was so beautiful, Kayleigh looked absolutely gorgeous in the graduation gown and cap. Them later on the children did a play of The Gruffalo and Kayleigh and Imogen got to be the mouse (the main part!), although Imogen refused to do it on the day so Kayleigh did it alone. I was so proud of her 🙂 she did very well! Kayleigh then “graduated” with a degree in P.E. because she loves jumping, climbing and running around. My mum, brothers fiancée and Jai came (although didn’t stay too long after)- we had a bit to eat afterwards as the playgroup hosted a buffet. My mum and brothers fiancée were annoying today too and seemed to be funny that I was chatting to friends there.











Our holiday June 2014

We had a brilliant holiday back in June 2014.. We went to Cofton Country Holiday Park in South Devon and had a brilliant time. We spent most of the time around the camp site as there is so much to do that there isn’t much reason to leave. We enjoyed playing in both the indoor and outdoor pools.





We also took some days off the site, we went to Dawlish Warren to play in the bigger arcade out there. They have a selection of games for children and for adults. There are games where you can win tokens to put towards prizes at the end. The girls loved it there, although for Peyton it was more of the pretty lights than the games themselves. Also over the weekend they have free face painting so Kayleigh got hers done (granted it only stayed about 30mins before she started rubbing at it and we took it off!).





We did also take a day trip over to Exmouth. We drove to Starcross and took the ferry from Starcross over to Exmouth. The girls loved going across on the ferry and the beach over there is a little bit nicer than Dawlish beaches. We went into the town to have some food first and then over to the beach.










The rest of the time was spending lounging around the caravan or around on the sun deck off of the new complex on site.










The only negative part of the week was that my parents (we’d borrowed their seasonal caravan) forgot to let us borrow their loyalty card so we had to pay full price on all the food and drink on site. Which was a shame as we’d planned to not cook at all throughout the holiday.

Busy, stressful couple of weeks…

So its been a little while since I posted so will try to keep it short and sweet but a lots happened.
Kayleigh came back from holiday with a gross infected finger, which we had to pop, drain and then went to buy her Peppa Pig plasters as she was brave.
Then hubby went out for his best mates birthday night out and his mate knocked hubbys phone out of hos hands and it smashed! So we had to spend £90 to fix it again!


Peyton has also cut 4 teeth over the past couple of weeks and them coming through are hurting her a little bit.

Then we tried to get her walking shoes as shes now walking but in Clarks she’s not even a 2 yet (and Clarks walkers start at a 3) so had to go to Mothercare to get her some, they start at a 2 there and fit well.

We then had some beautiful weather so I had to go and buy the girls sun hats and glasses, although Peytons glasses didn’t last long.


We also bought a big family sized paddling pool for us during the summer! At first Peyton wasn’t the biggest fan but soon warmed up to it.



We also indulged in some ice-cream fun during the nicer weather.



Then this tuesday just gone I had to have an endoscopy and because I was being sedated my Nan and Grandad had the girls overnight for me (& then took them to the farm park the next day). The endoscopy itself was fine, I think I “slept” through it lol, but a bit of a sore throat after. They also found that I have a Hiatus Hernia which may need to be looked at as well as my gallstones. I’m being referred to a surgeon.


Then on the Wednesday I enjoyed a relaxing day to myself, I picked up the girls at about 3:30pm and went round my mums at about 4pm… She instantly whinged that we were “late” round. She then didn’t talk to me for about 45minutes and I just played with the girls. Then she came in ranting and raving about me being distant or something and I walked out, giving her the key on my way out… I just cant be bothered with the stress anymore! On a positive note though I lost 2.5lbs on my first week at weightwatchers.

My week…

So this week has been very busy. Monday i spent the day with my Grandparents, and they babysat overnight as I was supposed to have an endoscopy that next morning. I left the girls there that night and met Jai from work. When I got there their alarm was going off, they couldn’t get hold of the local police to say it wasn’t a break in and not to come out so they had armed Police arrive to check on them.
The next morning we went to what we thought was my endoscopy appointment but it appeared it was a misunderstanding and that he thought it was a second opinion. He agreed and said we’d do the endoscopy and an ultrasound to check for Gallstones etc. I managed to get an appointment for the ultrasound tomorrow morning and had to wait for a date for the endoscopy.
Then the ultrasound the next day showed that I have lots of very big Gallstones in my Gallbladder which is most likely causing my pains. It appears I’d most likely need surgery to remove my gallbladder to get rid of the pain. Later than evening my dad got upset with me, although I had to hear it from my mum. The girls had used my phone to call him by accident and when he called back I explained this. He was funny because I never mentioned my upcoming surgery. It was nothing personal but he didn’t call me back when i explained this.
My mum was also super selfish this week and stayed down the caravan when she knew that Kayleigh was going down with my Grandparents over the weekend. Kayleigh was sick at school just before she went away too, but seems it was just the excitement.
On friday my mum text me to have a go at me for telling my Grandparents she was down there.. I never said anything and am fed up of being accused and constantly stuck in the middle 😦

Agonising pain!!

So the past week I don’t have a lot to report… Just my usual weekly schedule, visiting my Grandparents on wednesday and Kayleigh started back at playgroup on the Thursday!
I’m quite excited for this term! It’s her last one before the summer holidays and then she’ll be off to school! They have a lot of exciting things planned: trips to Cotswold Wildlife Park and to see Peppa Pig in theatre; and they have a photographer in to take pictures of the class and finally they have a busy last week. During the last week they have a water fun day (weather dependant); they have a trip on a steam train and teddy bears picnic; and then they have a graduation ceremony and buffet lunch for children and parents. So exciting and I can’t wait.

On to the pain side of the post…
I’ve been in excruciating pain for ages now. The doctors had me on ibs medicine for so long that wasn’t working but now I have an endoscopy planned for about a weeks time to look at what is going on inside me. I am terrified but after last night, where I was up in agony (so much pain that I thought I was going to be sick) from 23:55 to 01:45 ish. It is horrible and nothing stops it nor does it make it easier to bear, no painkillers even take the edge off of the pain! Hopefully these tests sort something out for me.

Fun filled Easter weekend..

Started off with Good Friday, which was also my brothers birthday. I went shopping in town with him and my girls during the day. And he came back to mine after with Billy (his dog).

(Pic: Peyton, me and Billy)
Later in the evening me, Jai ( who’s managed to book the evening off work, Kayleigh and Peyton met my brother and his fiancée in Wetherspoons for a meal. Stupidly though I forgot to bring in the cake that mum had made for him, so they came to ours after the meal.

Although he refused to cut the cake 😦

Saturday was a relaxed morning as Jai was working but we went him in the afternoon for food shopping and then I got ready to go out with my new friends from the baby group I joined. Jai had a couple of mates round for drinks whilst I went to Leanne’s for pre-drinks. She even gave me a present from her recent holiday to Las Vegas.

A bit later on Tash and Kayleigh (not my daughter) joined us. Then we got a taxi to town and went to Wetherspoons for cocktails.

Me and Leanne

Tash and Kayleigh

Then we walked to Yates’ to get more drinks and dance 🙂 was a fun night.


And apparently they’re the drunk kissing type of girls too!

A bit later their friend Vicki joined us, I kind of know her previously (one of Jai’s old friends girlfriends) but they spent a while bitching about her and then she showed up craving some attention and left again (less than 15 mins with us!).

After we moved on to Fever (but Tash was too drunk to get in).. They went to move onto V Club but I really didn’t want to go there so left and went home, plus my feet hurt bad lol. Jai had waited up for me 🙂

The next morning (Easter Sunday) I felt fine. Jai cooked me a full english for brunch and then we gave Kayleigh her Easter eggs (Peyton was asleep!)


After Peyton woke up we gave her her eggs


Then Jai went to work.. After he’d left my hangover kicked in.. I wasn’t too bad but bit of a headache and my tummy hurt. After Jai finished he’d planned to go round his friend Tyler’s for few drinks for his birthday. I’d text my brother to see if he’d come round to “watch” the girls (they were already in bed), but had no reply. Just as Jai was about to leave my brother text back and said he would come over, so I rushed to get ready and go round Tyler’s.. We didn’t stay long but was nice to get out.

Busy busy week!!

Where to begin! Well since I last posted we’ve been busy! I had to take my youngest Peyton to have her 1 year vaccinations. I hate taking them. to have them done as they get so upset it’s heartbreaking!
Then the friday of that week my oldest Kayleigh had a birthday party to go to, and stupidly I forgot it was supposed to be fancy dress! But she had fun regardless, there was a bouncy castle and she got her face painted.

20140418-142542.jpg although annoyingly they were given name tags and her name was spelt “Kayley”. Afterwards we went over to visit my mum who had just had surgery on her wrist for carpel tunnel. We spent most of the afternoon there until I had to come home to feed the kids. Kayleigh then decided to say that she wanted to stay with Nanny and said “I don’t love you mummy!”, which was a bit hurtful but I know she doesn’t quite understand love.


Then Saturday was the first time Peyton fully climbed the stairs solo, usually she’s been to nervous to go alone. I love seeing her confidence grow 🙂


Then Sunday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went over to Evesham park! We fed the swans, ducks and geese and then played in the children’s area.






After the park we went to meet up with an old friend, we haven’t seen her in about 4 years! It was lovely to see her and her family. And we helped her set up her sons trampoline birthday present 🙂



Then on the Tuesday I spent the afternoon with my mum and the kids and we got out eyebrows done. The kids enjoyed playing in the garden in the beautiful sunshine.

Then on Wednesday I woke up to the good news that Kayleigh was accepted to her first choice school, not that I was worried as we live very local to it.
And later I met up with another old friend Roxy, and her son Alfie! Its been a couple of years since we last met up and I was worried it would be awkward but it wasn’t. We met at PlayFarm and the kids had a blast, Peyton slept a lot of it so we got to catch up. Then we went for lunch at Harvester and took advantage of their good deals. Surprisingly Kayleigh ate quite well, but Peyton didn’t.
Later that day we met up with my friend (and Peyton’s godmother) Sophia, she came back to ours and we chilled out in the garden! As it was a beautiful day.


I was glad that day was filled up as Jai was working from 6am until 8pm! he’s been working a lot of shifts this week and because its Easter weekend and bank holidays a lot of his staff aren’t working this weekend so he has to which sucks but will be good money for us.