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So today I’ve started two new parts of my dieting journey! I’ve started on the SlimFast shakes, and then using fruit as my snacks rather than the SlimFast bars. So having them for breakfast and lunch and then will have a main meal with the family at dinner time.


I also joined DietBet with some of my Instagram girls, where you input funds and win money back (either break even if everyone gets to goal or more if some don’t). But i’ll be happy if I break even. This DietBet says to lose 4% of current weight which says I have to lose 7lbs! I’ll update blogs with progress as I get it!


I will not be a frumpy mum…

So i’ve been guilty with the “I’ve just had a baby, I’m allowed to be bigger!” saying. Now my youngest is 10 months old and enough is enough. I’ve been on/off working out with the hubby (using the Insanity workout dvd I got him for Christmas!). But as of now i’ve decided I’m going to work out daily and eat properly. I want to attempt to get back to my pre baby body (or as close to).
I will start the exercise properly on monday (as it’s easier to track days!) and do bits and pieces until then. Even though it’s my birthday tomorrow and I may have some treats but I will still workout to attempt to balance it out.

This is what I used to look like:


And this is a more recent pic of me:

That was from October 2013(halloween) so obviously a fee months old but not a lots changed, I’ve been very good at staying the same weight. I am currently about 179lbs and am determined to lose about 50!
I will continue to post updates with how i’m getting on.