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My Godsons Christening..

Well my Godson, Leo, was christened on 22nd June 2014. We came straight from our holiday in Devon to Bristol for the christening. Jai had to get dressed there as he’d forgotten his suit and my brother brought it around for him. I got some lovely cuddles with Leo before the christening, although when Jai held him our girls got very jealous haha! It was a nice basic christening but was annoying that everyone dressed up except Louis, Leo’s dad, who came in shorts and a t-shirt and looked a state. The little “party” after was held at their flat which was a bit cramped. Annoyingly during this time I tried to mingle a bit but no one else actually spoke to Jai. It’s awful the way my family treat him for no reason what so ever. So he didn’t enjoy the time at all.












Meeting my Godson..

The day after Peyton’s party we went down to Bristol to meet my cousin baby boy Leo. He was so cute and adorable. I got a lot of cuddles and got to fees him. Both of our girls loved him too. They did get rather jealous when Daddy held Leo.




She’s since told us that he is getting christened in June and that she wants me to be his Godmother 🙂

Partys… Are they really worth the stress and hassle??

So this weekend should have been the date of my youngest daughter Peyton’s first birthday party. However due to our eldest daughter Kayleigh coming down with chickenpox on wednesday evening we had to postpone the party. I then attempted to rearrange the party for 26th April but most people couldn’t make it so then had to change it to 3rd May (a whole month after Peyton’s birthday- but i suppose it does give a chance for her to get and be done with chickenpox herself!). On the upside My husband Jai used the reorganisation of the party to try to reconnect with old friend and it seemed to work as well, we’ll see 🙂
However we were told that my parents would not be attending the new party due to it being bank holiday weekend and they were planning to go away, which made me mad as they have a caravan on a seasonal pitch at a campsite meaning they can come and go as they please from Easter though to October! They also haven’t seen Peyton for her birthday yet due to Kayleigh having chickenpox and they’re worried she may get it before her operation on friday! (She’s already had it and never got it when me and my brother were young!) – I give up with them!

We did however take our children to Sealife Birmingham on Friday to celebrate Peyton’s birthday the day before. They both loved it there and we were given a free return pass too!

I also have to share these pictures of our eldest Kayleigh getting scared when I “touched” a sleeping shark (it was sleeping on top of the walk through tunnel).



Then on Saturday we had a few people round on what would have been party day to spend some time with the birthday girl. The girla had a good time despite so few being around. Hopefully the rearranged party works out for us 🙂


Kayleigh and her bff Kieran playing together on Saturday.