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This has been a good week…

… Well despite Peyton being up ALL of thursday night/friday morning in pain and my brother being a stroppy school kid (will explain more later).
But not only did Jai get a new job and finally got to hand in his notice to the horrible company he’s with now, but I just won a competition for free baby snacks. I know that sounds pathetic that I’m excited over this but I never win anything.

This is the comment that won me the goodies:

So monday morning the bundle of Annabel Karmel goodies is on its way to us!

I also got my first Bzz Agent Campaign. I’m going to be testing and reviewing John Freida Frizz Ease products for them. So excited to be able to test new products.


Amber teething bracelets

So we just bought an Amber Teething Bracelet from “Love Amber X” – well actually we bought two as there was a new customer discount but you had to spend at least £10. Peyton’s gotten over the initial “I must eat this bracelet” she seems to be ok wearing it.
They are well designed with a knot between each bead incase it breaks.
Now the test begins to see of they help her with teething pains.