About Us

This is a blog I set up to record my life with my family! I am new to the blogging world so please bear with me.

I am 26 years old. I am married to my awesome husband Jai and we have two girls together: Kayleigh and Peyton. My dream is to become a midwife, and  have the grades but as it’s a full time course I’ve decided to wait until we’re done having children (as we’d both like 3, well Jai would have an army but 3 is my max).


My husband is Jai. He is 27 years old (1 year and 10 days older than me!). He has just got a new job as an Assistant Manager for a family run business with Smith & Mann in Chalton Kings. He works so hard to support us and he completely dotes on his little girls!


Then there is Kayleigh. She is 4 years old and growing up so quickly. She’s at the lovely age where she either throws a strop and one minute later is happy as can be. She’s a major daddies girl and also a bit of a tomboy! She is currently in Reception year at school!


Then there is Peyton. She is currently our youngest and now 22 months old. It seems she’s grown up much quicker than Kayleigh did. She’s getting her own little personality now. Also already a big daddies girl and gets jealous easily!


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