2016 recap..

January– I got my new year off to a bad start with sinusitis which was awful, especially during pregnancy. It was so painful so had to get to doctors to get antibiotics to help with it. Then on the 3rd we had a christening to attend for our Godson Kallum. It was a lovely day out but felt sorry for my cousin as no one other than family turned up. A few days later I got given our pushchair for our baby (second hand Quinny but in good condition). I started to sort out baby clothes so that it was properly sorted into sizes and gender neutral on top. Later in the month our car started to break so we had to look for something else. We had to act quickly and when I asked Ali for the evening off to view a car we liked (I was babysitting her kids so she could work), she got really funny with me. We picked up our new Mazda 5 at the end of the month. Kayleigh also did her Rainbow promise this month too. And we got the official invite to Sophia and Daves wedding (& the girls tried on their flower girl dresses). We also went for a meal for mine and Jais birthdays.

February– this month we went to Soph and Daves engagement party- they hired out a house and held a casino night. Was a good laugh. It was my 27th birthday.. nothing too exciting happened for this. We received Pete (my brother) and Jems wedding invitation for May. Valentines Day we didn’t do a lot for either.. cooked a meal at home for us both to enjoy (alone once girls were in bed). We got our new wardrobe set for our bedroom too.

March– this month I started decorating the nursery, it was a last minute decision to do it but it’s been the same since our first was born so well over due. We started working out how to do the car seats in the car ready for baby’s arrival. We completed the nursery set up and made it all ready for his/her arrival. It was Mother’s Day and as usual I was spoilt by my hubby and girls. We visited the grave so I could see my boy and Jai could see his mum. We did some birthday present shopping for Peyton whilst I was able to. And we also took a trip around the park- playtime for the girls. We had a monitor session at the hospital after I had some tightening- turned out it was due to a UTI. My new changing bag arrived (penguin design from Pink Lining). And I even painted our bedroom over at 36+ weeks. It was also the anniversary of little Samuels birth/death so we visited him again. Then we had Easter and we did an egg hunt for the girls.

April- this was a very busy month for us. First we had Peytons birthday- she turned 3. We had a mini party at our house for her with family and friends coming to visit. On her actual birthday we went to Cattle Country for the day with Sophia. We had a blast. Then we had the wedding of a friend of mine, which wasn’t too fun being so heavily pregnant, not being able to drink and looking a state haha, shame that looking back that marriage has since broken up now. A couple of days later Jai’s “second mum” got engaged and asked if Jai would do the honours of walking her down the aisle when they finally get married. Then on the 12th I had to take two buses to my mums, drop off the girls and then walk to the village (20minutes waddle) for a hair trial for my sister in laws wedding. I remember sat in that chair feeling really off, I actually accepted a glass of water and I never do that when out. I picked up the girls and spoke to my mum about feeling off and she said she’d have her phone with her all night, and on the bedside table all night too. I went to get the bus home but didn’t feel great so called my Grandad to take us all home instead. I got the girls to bed and went to bed myself as I still didn’t feel well, I’d been having very irregular Braxton hicks pains since about 8pm.

I then woke at around 1:30am with what felt like a weird popping kick in my tummy, shrugged it off and tried to go back to sleep. Shortly after I felt another one, this time I decided to go to the toilet in case it was my water popping. I just got to the toilet as my waters ruptured. I then called Jai as he still wasn’t home from work, he was just on his way home, just coming off the motorway. I called my mum, seven times, but she never answered. I then tried calling my Grandad and he answered in seconds. He came round and picked up the girls and took them back to his house for the rest of the night and would take them to school the next day. Jai then took me into the birth centre to be monitored as my labours are usually fairly quick. I was offered the birth pool which I loved but it slowed the already irregular pains I was getting. I was examined but was only at 1-2cm, which is normal for a closed cervix after 1 or more children, so I was deemed not in labour. I was later sent around the park for a walk to try to start things up but it did nothing. I was told it maybe best to go to the bigger hospital in case I needed to be induced as they didn’t want me to go over 24 hours with broken waters, and they knew tomorrow was very busy. We got to the other hospital at about 10:30 and I was hooked up to the monitor to check on Erin in the triage, and she was still happy. During the monitoring the crampy pains came back but stronger. After 20 minutes I was taken off the machine and the midwife walked off. About 5 minutes later I got the urge to push and I knew baby was on its way. I was still in the triage at this point, and only privacy was the thin curtain. I buzzed for a midwife but no one came so Jai ran off to get one. Apparently they said “yeah we’ll be in soon” and he had to tell them to come now. Then 3 of them ran into my bay and checked to see baby crowning. They grabbed the bed and started wheeling me down the corridor to find a free room. I was telling the midwife I needed to push but she shouted at me to not push in the corridor, and she had her hand down there and felt like she was pushing on babys head. they finally found me a free room and, after the midwife crashing the bed into the door frame they got me in and in a couple of pushes I delivered our little baby. It all happened very quickly, midwives guessed labour time as 40 minutes (which was the amount of time I was in the unit total). Our third daughter was born at 11:25am weighing 6lb 3oz. Unfortunately the midwife from triage never let Jai cut the chord and did it herself without even asking. After the initial checks we were left for ages, not even water to drink in the room. I didn’t get any food until around 2pm, hadn’t eaten since 6pm the night before, and even then it was food I shouldn’t have been eating with my allergy band. Then a midwife came back and started talking about admitting us to the ward, she then tutted at me when I mentioned wanting to go home, as she had to fill out more paperwork. Finally we got to leave at around 3pm, and we went to go pick up our big girls and show them their new little sister. Then after my nan had a cuddle we went to my parents so they, and my brother and sister in law, could meet her and have a quick cuddle.

The very next morning I was up and out doing the school run, everyone commenting about how amazing that was. I didn’t have a whole lot of choice as Jai had to work that afternoon so I had to pick up from school. I had Jai’s “second mum” come round to meet Erin with her daughter Mya. Our girls are totally besotted with their baby sister and always wanting to cuddle her. We made her official and registered her birth at 2 days old. We had more visits from my parents for cuddles etc. I so enjoyed having a teeny baby again. We took Erin into my mums workplace (also where me and Jai used to work in the past) for some of our friends to meet her too. At 10 days old we took Erin and her big sisters to a studio for a photoshoot to document our teeny tiny littlest girl. We got some nice family pictures and also some lovely pictures of all our girls.

May- Early May my auntie and uncle came up to visit and meet their latest great niece, we met around my nans so I didn’t have to host it all. My auntie had 3 boys but always wanted a girl so she loves cuddles with my girls. She crocheted a lovely blanket for me that I had asked for. I had my final dress fitting around my mums for my brother and sister-in-laws wedding later this month. The dress is awful and so ill fitting. I was made to order it when I was 6 months pregnant so I had to guess how big I’d be after, which annoyingly was nowhere as big as I had guessed. During this month I booked Erin’s baptism and had to attend weekly meetings for 3 weeks in a row to show our commitment to the baptism. Due to work Jai could only attend one session but luckily they still let us get her baptised.

Then we get onto my brother and sister-in-laws wedding. It was very eventful. I helped for a bit setting up the room the day before, couldn’t stay too long as I had to do the school pick up and she had so much that needed doing. Then came to the day of the wedding. I had to get to my parents house for about 8 am ready to have hair and makeup etc done and get the girls ready, and my brother came round to my house to get ready with Jai. Everything went fairly smoothly with us but my SIL’s parents were supposed to come to mine before the church to drop off their dogs for the day, but they were stupidly late, making Jai and my brother late, so Jai had to come and get our car and go back home to wait for them (was supposed to get a lift up with my brother). I found it very hard work trying to meet my SIL calm during the wait as she was so worried that her dad was going to make us all late, we sent the other bridesmaid across to the church to keep everyone else informed. Eventually he showed up with Jai, after he had dropped his car over at the venue with her mum and brothers. We eventually headed off. Me and Jai first to get things ready and them behind. The ceremony went well apart from Erin being a bit whingy but Jai stood at the back of the church holding her to keep her calm. Then we went onto the daytime venue. The meal was ok, the speeches were funny, even got my own shout out in my dads speech (I had to take Peyton to the toilet and he tried thanking the bridemaids but I wasn’t there so got the shout out as I returned). I was lucky that Erin slept the whole way through the daytime meal meaning I could enjoy myself a bit. I’d expressed a couple of bottles incase for Jai to feed her in the church or the venue as I couldn’t feed in my dress. During the interval I got changed in to a dress that I could feed in, my SIL wasn’t happy I changed but I needed to be practical and found a very similar colour. The evening was ok but I did feel sorry for my brother as a lot of guests didn’t show or come back, and even my SILs parents left at about 8/9, which I thought was awful behaviour. They didn’t even say goodbye to my parents who had hosted the wedding for their daughter. My dad had asked me earlier when to book their taxi for and I said 11 so that they could leave before others, turns out there was only 10 people left at 11 so not many to see them off. They seemed to have a good day regardless and we all left shortly after they did as the girls were knackered and so were we.

June- This month was Erins baptism. we had a lovely time, a fair few people showed up which was nice. It was a lovely ceremony and the after “party” was nice too. Our girls all looked beautiful in their dresses. The only problem we had was my nan who confronted my auntie about the drama between her and my mum – which was uncalled for especially on Erins day. I later spoke to her to tell her how much it annoyed me. Then it was our anniversary, 4 years married and 7 together, I got Jai a book full of pictures from our lives together so far. Jai got me a Calla Lily flower and a few other bits, including a Pandora charm and he made me homemade quesadillas for our dinner which were delicious. Then Fathers Day came around and I had made Jai a scrabble art frame, which had all our names in it with a word art background, and I also had a picture from the photoshoot blown up and framed for him.

July- This month my little Kayleigh turned 6. We had planned a lovely mermaid party planned for her. She had all her friends to come to St Barnabas Hall with a bouncy castle and lots of fun. Then we went to Cotswold Wildlife Park for the day with my mum, brother, SIL and friend. We then had Kayleighs sports day which I love watching and seeing how well she does in her events, she always tries so hard. We did the Race for Life this month too. Me and my mum ran the Pretty Muddy race and the next day we ran the 5k Race for Life race with Kayleigh too. Kayleigh did well but she gets bored runny the whole way.

At the end of the month we  had my friends wedding. In the morning of the wedding we went to her house for some pre-wedding stuff. In her culture its tradition for the brother of the groom to barter with the brides brother for the brides hand for his brother. After this had happened she was allowed downstairs. My two older girls were flower girls for her, she gave them little presents from the day which was lovely. It was very interesting for me as she’s Serbian so the wedding was so different to what we’re used to. The men stand to one side of the room and the woman on the other side. The church itself is so colourful and pretty. My girls were good as flower girls although maybe a bit quick down the aisle. During the ceremony the bride got faint and was given a chair and some water. I loved the ceremony and how different it all is. They even get crowned during it which is lovely. Then after the ceremony they did pictures and then we waited outside the church. They arrived outside and the tradition to throw pennies to the ground for others to pick up – which my girls loved collecting haha. Then it was onto the next venue. We went to our hotel first to set everything up and then went to the reception venue. It was beautiful. The big girls were given a goody bag to keep them entertained during the meal. In Serbian tradition a selected male of the table cuts the meat for the whole table. It was Jai for our table however the meat was way to pink for my liking (honestly the whole meal wasn’t my ideal). We watched the couple cut their cake and enjoyed the break in between the meal and the evening do. Then we had fun at the evening do, although not so much for me as I wasn’t drinking due to driving back to the hotel. The hotel was tiny but ok and the breakfast the next day was nice.

August- Our Summer Holidays consisted of park trips and day trips to Gloucester, just going on walks etc. We had a family holiday this month and took the girls to Devon for a week. This was our first time taking the girls to the new place my parents have their caravan, Woodbury. It was ok, but boring compared to what I’m used to, there wasn’t a lot to do there and required us driving out most days. There was only a tiny camp shop on site but nothing else. We spent a lot of our time exploring Exmouth and the beach there, took a daytrip over to Dawlish and Cofton to go swimming. After our holiday Peyton had her first Opthalmology appointment for her eyes, it turns out she has quite a bad turn in her left eye and she will need glasses to help correct it. They also said she may need to use patches to help correct it at a later date too, and at a very worst case she may need surgery to help but hopefully it wont come to that. Erin also got her first two teeth this month too, at just 18 weeks old. We took a few more day trips, to Gloucester and other places to get the kids out and have some fun. At the end of the month I met up with some mums I met on Facebook who all have babies around the same age as Erin, it was really nice, although my anxiety was through the roof. I don’t know if I’ll be able to meet them much though as they all drive and will meet in other locations that I can’t really get to.

September- This month we started Erin on a bit of real food, which she loved. She preferred it much more than having bottles. Kayleigh went into Year 2 at school this year, I cant believe how quickly she’s growing. Erin finally started to get better with other people, but seems to be ok if I’m out of the room. Then we had Peyton start at playgroup, she’s going to the lovely local church playgroup that Kayleigh went to. The staff there are brilliant and its like a little family, although there is a new manager since Kayleigh left and apparently things have changed a bit. It’s also been a year since it was Samuel’s due date, still think about him every single day and miss my baby boy so much it hurts. I have very mixed feelings though as if he was still with us then Erin wouldn’t be… We also had a trip to LEGOLAND this month with my brother and sister-in-law, which was a good trip even if they did get stroppy with each other. We later had our drive started in our front garden, the drop curb was finished but still awaiting the finishing touches to the main drive part.

October- This month we had to go to my Nans when Anth and Lou came down and wanted to see the girls. Peyton had her next appointment with the Opthalmologist and they decided that she needed patches to help her left eye get better and to help it turn back the right way. It broke my heart as she said she couldn’t see anything when the patch was first put on. We took the girls to the park and to mcdonalds as a treat for Peyton being so brave. Kayleigh also lost her first tooth this month, very exciting time for her. We took the girls on a few park trips over the half term making the most of the good weather. At the end of the month we took the girls trick or treating around my parents street as its better there.

November- This month Peyton got some rewards for doing so well with her patches. We took the girls to see the fireworks at the Racecourse. We also went to the Remembrance Day Service in the town centre to support those who fought and lost their lives in the wars. We went to Gloucester to see the Christmas Lights Switch On, which the kids loved. I also attended my friends baby shower, which was dire as so many people didn’t show up. I started my diet and exercise at the end of the month too.

December- I had fun this month doing the elf on the shelf – well it was fun when well planned and not on the days I forgot until I got into bed haha. The girls wrote their letters to Santa. We got to watch Kayleigh in her Christmas Performance at school, she was a caroller. Peyton was a cow in her Christmas Nativity at playgroup, and they had santas grotto where her and Erin got a little present. We also got new windows put in by the council which is amazing as now there’s no draft in the front room. I also fell doing my workout and my ankle swelled up to the size of an orange, quick trip to A&E showed that it was a very bad sprain, luckily. In the Christmas holidays I took the kids to a bounce and play session at a local school which they loved. We made some Christmas pictures using the girls foot and hand prints. We had a fun relaxing Christmas eve and then spent Christmas day around my parents with my brother, his wife and their dog too. We started Christmas morning at home and opened presents from each other before heading around to my mums. We then exchanged presents over there and then we had a lovely cooked dinner. After dinner we went to visit my nan and granddad. We exchanged presents over theirs too and the girls had a little play too. Then we headed back to my mums for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Then we came back home for the night, we had a great day and it was a brilliant first Christmas for Erin. On Boxing Day I spent the day with my Nan and Grandad, Jai unfortunately had to work. The girls played with their new toys and we had a second Christmas dinner. a few days later we went visiting and saw Jai’s “mother-figure” and her kids, which was ok – I always feel a bit awkward though. Then it was time to bring in the new year, again we were at my mums, we played board games and watched the fire works come in at midnight.


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