Sorry I’ve been MIA lately…

So it appears my last post was about July 2014 (about 5 months ago!) well not a great deal has happened since then!
I had an operation on the 25th July to remove my Gallbladder as it was giving me a lot of grief! Since then things have been great!
Our summer was quite quiet and peaceful really.
Then Kayleigh started school in September – she looked so adorable but it was really a bittersweet moment for me!

Then in October we threw a Halloween party for Kayleigh and her friends (their mums are friends of mine)- it was fun but a bit hectic and stressful!
In November it was time to go and watch the fireworks at our local Racecourse and we got to meet Peppa Pig too which my girls loved!
Then December hit- the moment we unofficially started trying to conceive baby number 3! It was also Christmas and the first one Peyton was much more aware of!
Christmas Eve I went with my sister-in-law (husbands sister) and niece and my two girls to visit my mother-in-laws grave, before we returned to my house and spent the day together- we cooked a Christmas dinner for dinner time when her fiancé and my husband got home.






We got into our Christmas pjs ready for Father Christmas’ visit.
Then me and hubby played our role and got all the presents under the tree ready!
Christmas morning was spent at ours opening presents and relaxing





Then we got dressed up and went to my mums for Christmas Day, opened more presents and then had dinner!








We visited my great aunt and uncle in the bit between dinner and tea so that they could see the girls and watch them open their presents from them! We then went back to my parents for tea which was nice and we left theirs at about 8!


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/104/62853034/files/2015/01/img_0272.jpg (above are pictures of the cake and biscuits my mum made us) .


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