Kayleighs graduation from playgroup!

So the time came and Kayleigh has now graduated from Playgroup. It had been a lovely year at St Barnabas Playgroup. I am so happy she got to go there and am very happy that Peyton gets to go in a couple of years.
The graduation was so beautiful, Kayleigh looked absolutely gorgeous in the graduation gown and cap. Them later on the children did a play of The Gruffalo and Kayleigh and Imogen got to be the mouse (the main part!), although Imogen refused to do it on the day so Kayleigh did it alone. I was so proud of her 🙂 she did very well! Kayleigh then “graduated” with a degree in P.E. because she loves jumping, climbing and running around. My mum, brothers fiancĂ©e and Jai came (although didn’t stay too long after)- we had a bit to eat afterwards as the playgroup hosted a buffet. My mum and brothers fiancĂ©e were annoying today too and seemed to be funny that I was chatting to friends there.











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