My week…

So this week has been very busy. Monday i spent the day with my Grandparents, and they babysat overnight as I was supposed to have an endoscopy that next morning. I left the girls there that night and met Jai from work. When I got there their alarm was going off, they couldn’t get hold of the local police to say it wasn’t a break in and not to come out so they had armed Police arrive to check on them.
The next morning we went to what we thought was my endoscopy appointment but it appeared it was a misunderstanding and that he thought it was a second opinion. He agreed and said we’d do the endoscopy and an ultrasound to check for Gallstones etc. I managed to get an appointment for the ultrasound tomorrow morning and had to wait for a date for the endoscopy.
Then the ultrasound the next day showed that I have lots of very big Gallstones in my Gallbladder which is most likely causing my pains. It appears I’d most likely need surgery to remove my gallbladder to get rid of the pain. Later than evening my dad got upset with me, although I had to hear it from my mum. The girls had used my phone to call him by accident and when he called back I explained this. He was funny because I never mentioned my upcoming surgery. It was nothing personal but he didn’t call me back when i explained this.
My mum was also super selfish this week and stayed down the caravan when she knew that Kayleigh was going down with my Grandparents over the weekend. Kayleigh was sick at school just before she went away too, but seems it was just the excitement.
On friday my mum text me to have a go at me for telling my Grandparents she was down there.. I never said anything and am fed up of being accused and constantly stuck in the middle 😦


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