Agonising pain!!

So the past week I don’t have a lot to report… Just my usual weekly schedule, visiting my Grandparents on wednesday and Kayleigh started back at playgroup on the Thursday!
I’m quite excited for this term! It’s her last one before the summer holidays and then she’ll be off to school! They have a lot of exciting things planned: trips to Cotswold Wildlife Park and to see Peppa Pig in theatre; and they have a photographer in to take pictures of the class and finally they have a busy last week. During the last week they have a water fun day (weather dependant); they have a trip on a steam train and teddy bears picnic; and then they have a graduation ceremony and buffet lunch for children and parents. So exciting and I can’t wait.

On to the pain side of the post…
I’ve been in excruciating pain for ages now. The doctors had me on ibs medicine for so long that wasn’t working but now I have an endoscopy planned for about a weeks time to look at what is going on inside me. I am terrified but after last night, where I was up in agony (so much pain that I thought I was going to be sick) from 23:55 to 01:45 ish. It is horrible and nothing stops it nor does it make it easier to bear, no painkillers even take the edge off of the pain! Hopefully these tests sort something out for me.


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