Fun filled Easter weekend..

Started off with Good Friday, which was also my brothers birthday. I went shopping in town with him and my girls during the day. And he came back to mine after with Billy (his dog).

(Pic: Peyton, me and Billy)
Later in the evening me, Jai ( who’s managed to book the evening off work, Kayleigh and Peyton met my brother and his fiancée in Wetherspoons for a meal. Stupidly though I forgot to bring in the cake that mum had made for him, so they came to ours after the meal.

Although he refused to cut the cake 😦

Saturday was a relaxed morning as Jai was working but we went him in the afternoon for food shopping and then I got ready to go out with my new friends from the baby group I joined. Jai had a couple of mates round for drinks whilst I went to Leanne’s for pre-drinks. She even gave me a present from her recent holiday to Las Vegas.

A bit later on Tash and Kayleigh (not my daughter) joined us. Then we got a taxi to town and went to Wetherspoons for cocktails.

Me and Leanne

Tash and Kayleigh

Then we walked to Yates’ to get more drinks and dance 🙂 was a fun night.


And apparently they’re the drunk kissing type of girls too!

A bit later their friend Vicki joined us, I kind of know her previously (one of Jai’s old friends girlfriends) but they spent a while bitching about her and then she showed up craving some attention and left again (less than 15 mins with us!).

After we moved on to Fever (but Tash was too drunk to get in).. They went to move onto V Club but I really didn’t want to go there so left and went home, plus my feet hurt bad lol. Jai had waited up for me 🙂

The next morning (Easter Sunday) I felt fine. Jai cooked me a full english for brunch and then we gave Kayleigh her Easter eggs (Peyton was asleep!)


After Peyton woke up we gave her her eggs


Then Jai went to work.. After he’d left my hangover kicked in.. I wasn’t too bad but bit of a headache and my tummy hurt. After Jai finished he’d planned to go round his friend Tyler’s for few drinks for his birthday. I’d text my brother to see if he’d come round to “watch” the girls (they were already in bed), but had no reply. Just as Jai was about to leave my brother text back and said he would come over, so I rushed to get ready and go round Tyler’s.. We didn’t stay long but was nice to get out.


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