Busy busy week!!

Where to begin! Well since I last posted we’ve been busy! I had to take my youngest Peyton to have her 1 year vaccinations. I hate taking them. to have them done as they get so upset it’s heartbreaking!
Then the friday of that week my oldest Kayleigh had a birthday party to go to, and stupidly I forgot it was supposed to be fancy dress! But she had fun regardless, there was a bouncy castle and she got her face painted.

20140418-142542.jpg although annoyingly they were given name tags and her name was spelt “Kayley”. Afterwards we went over to visit my mum who had just had surgery on her wrist for carpel tunnel. We spent most of the afternoon there until I had to come home to feed the kids. Kayleigh then decided to say that she wanted to stay with Nanny and said “I don’t love you mummy!”, which was a bit hurtful but I know she doesn’t quite understand love.


Then Saturday was the first time Peyton fully climbed the stairs solo, usually she’s been to nervous to go alone. I love seeing her confidence grow 🙂


Then Sunday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went over to Evesham park! We fed the swans, ducks and geese and then played in the children’s area.






After the park we went to meet up with an old friend, we haven’t seen her in about 4 years! It was lovely to see her and her family. And we helped her set up her sons trampoline birthday present 🙂



Then on the Tuesday I spent the afternoon with my mum and the kids and we got out eyebrows done. The kids enjoyed playing in the garden in the beautiful sunshine.

Then on Wednesday I woke up to the good news that Kayleigh was accepted to her first choice school, not that I was worried as we live very local to it.
And later I met up with another old friend Roxy, and her son Alfie! Its been a couple of years since we last met up and I was worried it would be awkward but it wasn’t. We met at PlayFarm and the kids had a blast, Peyton slept a lot of it so we got to catch up. Then we went for lunch at Harvester and took advantage of their good deals. Surprisingly Kayleigh ate quite well, but Peyton didn’t.
Later that day we met up with my friend (and Peyton’s godmother) Sophia, she came back to ours and we chilled out in the garden! As it was a beautiful day.


I was glad that day was filled up as Jai was working from 6am until 8pm! he’s been working a lot of shifts this week and because its Easter weekend and bank holidays a lot of his staff aren’t working this weekend so he has to which sucks but will be good money for us.


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