Yesterday was a good day!!

So I forgot to post this yesterday but we had a good day!! We started off with the dentist and all of us got on good. Kayleigh was reluctant to go but did in the end. Peyton cried at her but the dentist said her teeth were coming in well and we’ll soon have some more.

I was a bit annoyed with Jai as he didn’t get a picture of Peyton’s first dentist appointment.
Later on my Grandad took Kayleigh out to play-farm for a little bit as we weren’t going round theirs today due to Nan being ill.
I got the local newspaper and found that my Time Out group I go to on a monday were in it from our first aid session on monday!


Then I managed to save us £200 on our car insurance. They sent out the renewal at £250 over what I’d been predicted online, for the same company. But I was happy at how far I’d got them to lower it.


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