Not a fan of change…

So I have recently decided that I do not like change… I am seriously struggling to adapt to Jai’s new work hours. He’s now on: Monday 6am-4pm; Tuesday 12pm-8pm; Wednesday 12-pm-8pm; Thursday 6am-4pm and Friday 9am-8pm. It is super difficult to adjust, more so to his Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday shifts and they are long and evening shifts. The Monday and Thursday shifts are similar to his old job so I can adapt, but with the rest he’s missing dinner time – which is where I seem to struggle most with my girls, as I’ve gotten used to bathing them myself from when he had a second job – it has also messed up my mornings. I used to go to a Stay-and-Play group around the corner from us with Peyton but it starts at 10 and I feel somewhat guilty leaving him at home when I wont see him until much later. But I doubt he’d want to come along as well. I hate trying to adapt, although sometimes it is nice to have a slightly more relax morning as he can help watch Peyton whilst I get Kayleigh’s lunch ready for playgroup. But it’s a better job for him and will lead to better opportunities in the future and I have to admit he looks damn fine in a suit!


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