Jai’s Leaving ‘Do Night Out!

On Friday Night we dropped our girls at my Nan and Granddad’s for the night and we went for a meal at Harvester- which was lovely but also a bit of a nightmare as we had to rush it to meet others :/



My mum (as she’s his colleague too) met us in Harvester as she was early and then we walked across to Après – which was were he’d arranged to meet everyone. At about 7:30 Sophia arrived (Not a colleague but a friend for me). It was getting on to 8pm and Jai was clearly upset (but hiding it) that no one had showed. Then Lucy and her boyfriend Ed showed up, shortly followed by Jai’s (ex) boss Dan, who I don’t get on with. And then the Polish girl Patrycja joined us.

Lucy and her boyfriend Ed

Dan and my mum

Dan, my mum and Patrycja

My mum, me and Soph

Me and Soph

We had a few drinks there before we decided to move on. As we were deciding what to do Patrycja started telling me that she loved my mum, how amazing she is and how much she missed her mum (she’s still back in Poland). She then went on to state that she loved my boobs (titski) amd she was jealous as she doesn’t have any. Lucy and Ed then decided to leave, as did Mum (me and Sophia walked her to meet my Dad, her lift) and the rest went on to Copa and we arranged to meet them in a minute! We saw Spiderman on our way dropping off Mum.


We weren’t in Copa very long before moving onto Wetherspoons (as it was much cheaper). Dan left just before we moved on. Patrycja keep on and on about how much she loved my boobs and actually grabbed them at one point!!! She was drawing a lot of attention by random people by constantly staring at my boobs and saying/shouting “oh my god”! I felt so embarrassed.
Once at Wetherspoons she got worse and was constantly asking me to dance and it was awkward, I was so not comfortable with it at all, Jai thought it was hilarious!


I literally felt like I was being sexually harassed.
Jai and Soph were having fun though 😦

Then two guys sat on a table not to far from us tried starting a fight with Jai. They were calling him queer for it being him and three girls. He was explaining that I was his wife but he wasn’t having any of it! In the end a bouncer got involved and made the guys leave, they were even mouthing off in front of the bouncers.
After that we went to Pan Pizza and got some food, me and Soph shared a pizza, Jai got a kebab as did Patrycja. Then Jai walked Patrycja home and me and Soph ordered a taxi and he met us there. It was an eventful night and Jai seemed to enjoy it but honestly I really didn’t!


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