Monthly Archives: March 2014

Yesterday was a good day!!

So I forgot to post this yesterday but we had a good day!! We started off with the dentist and all of us got on good. Kayleigh was reluctant to go but did in the end. Peyton cried at her but the dentist said her teeth were coming in well and we’ll soon have some more.

I was a bit annoyed with Jai as he didn’t get a picture of Peyton’s first dentist appointment.
Later on my Grandad took Kayleigh out to play-farm for a little bit as we weren’t going round theirs today due to Nan being ill.
I got the local newspaper and found that my Time Out group I go to on a monday were in it from our first aid session on monday!


Then I managed to save us £200 on our car insurance. They sent out the renewal at £250 over what I’d been predicted online, for the same company. But I was happy at how far I’d got them to lower it.


Hate making decisions!!

With 1 week until Peyton’s 1st birthday (scary stuff) we’ve still yet to decide what we’re doing. Don’t get me wrong we’ve got a party set up for her with family and a few friends coming round ours, but every year we’ve gone to Cotswold Wildlife Park for Kayleigh’s birthday. We need to think of somewhere to go for Peyton’s birthday! Ideally we’d like to go somewhere good enough to go every (or at least most) years.. We’ve been thinking of maybe an Aquarium or something. So back to the drawing board I suppose!

Not a fan of change…

So I have recently decided that I do not like change… I am seriously struggling to adapt to Jai’s new work hours. He’s now on: Monday 6am-4pm; Tuesday 12pm-8pm; Wednesday 12-pm-8pm; Thursday 6am-4pm and Friday 9am-8pm. It is super difficult to adjust, more so to his Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday shifts and they are long and evening shifts. The Monday and Thursday shifts are similar to his old job so I can adapt, but with the rest he’s missing dinner time – which is where I seem to struggle most with my girls, as I’ve gotten used to bathing them myself from when he had a second job – it has also messed up my mornings. I used to go to a Stay-and-Play group around the corner from us with Peyton but it starts at 10 and I feel somewhat guilty leaving him at home when I wont see him until much later. But I doubt he’d want to come along as well. I hate trying to adapt, although sometimes it is nice to have a slightly more relax morning as he can help watch Peyton whilst I get Kayleigh’s lunch ready for playgroup. But it’s a better job for him and will lead to better opportunities in the future and I have to admit he looks damn fine in a suit!

Who needs men…

So this morning we got a delivery of the gravel for our back garden. Between me, Jai and my Grandad we carried them through to the back (bucket by bucket). Kayleigh helped too (luckily Peyton was asleep so we got it done quicker). So much happier with the garden now but still have work to do.

Then after my Grandad left we started to put up the girls new swing set. Jai got half way before he had to get ready for work.

I decided mid-afternoon that I would attempt to finish it off myself. And I’m proud of myself, I think I did a pretty good job on it. There was only one part I couldn’t do and its only a decoration part. Who needs a man 🙂


Something always comes up when you’re busy!

So today was supposed to be my busiest day of the week. I had appointment with the gas company, to look at my boiler as it keeps cutting out, and from the window people to fix my broken window, and I was supposed to go to town to get cards for birthdays and a regret card for Sam’s wedding. But my eldest daughter, Kayleigh, was up and down from about 3am being sick and on the last time she was sick she pooped herself too 😦
So instead we’re staying in and watching movies. I called her playgroup to say she’d be off today- which made her upset with me! But she’s not been sick since but seems to still have a bad tummy.. Poor little girl, seriously hoping that my youngest doesn’t get it!

I have a newborn second cousin..

My cousin went into premature labour on friday and gave birth to my second cousin at 1 am on the 8th March 2014! She was only 32 weeks along so came as a bit of a shock when she called me. He weighed in at 4lb 4oz and was put i to the NICU. It is scary seeing him all tubed up and she wasn’t able to hold him for a few hours. She named him Leo George Gardiner. And he’s such a little cutie. When he’s old enough and well enough he’ll be christened and she’s asked me to be his godmother.

We’ve arranged to go down and see them on saturday as we were both busy this weekend. She was discharged from the hospital this morning but he has to stay in there for a littlw while.

Party planning nightmare

So naturally we are having a party next month when Peyton turns one, I wouldn’t have bothered but we had one for Kayleigh so it is only fair. We had Kayleigh’s round my mums but due to arguments between my mum and nan we can’t do that. So decided to have it round our house. Now I’ve got a list of things to do such as tidying the house, it needs a deep clean, and I have to sort out decorations and food, as well as confirming the guest list as well 😦
There is so much to do in so little time, and I honestly don’t want to do it. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. We need more money and I also want to make everything perfect, but at the same time my depression pulls me back to the negative and makes me feel awful.
Party planning so super stressful, especially when you have two children to watch as well!