Law against pregnant women drinking alcohol
So this link just appeared on my Facebook with lots of debate whether pregnant women should or shouldn’t drink alcohol and whether it should be a crime. I honestly can’t think of anything worse than potentially doing something that could hurt your unborn baby. Now I’m pro-choice, I don’t really agree on abortions but think there are circumstances when it may be best (i.e. rape victim etc) but I feel that the use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs whilst pregnant is disgusting. I don’t smoke or take drugs and as soon as i discovered I was pregnant with my girls I stopped straight away. It was an easy decision for me as my babies health was more important.
However I’m not sure how it’ll be policed if it does become a crime, they’ll obviously not be allowed to buy it when out at a pub etc, but then what about those who don’t show for quite a while or hide it well. Also how can it be proved that they aren’t just drinking at home. It’ll be a very difficult thing to do. I’m totally against drinking whilst pregnant but honestly don’t think it’ll become a crime.


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