A different kind of Valentine’s Day…

It’s funny how life changes as you get older. So I’m now 25, married with 2 beautiful girls. Valentine’s Day used to be all about flowers, chocolates and gifts, the girls getting flowers to the office and the single girls divided into the “i hate men anyway” category or the “why doesn’t anyone love me” category. I’ve honestly never been big on Valentines Day, always seen it as a commercial ploy to get money out of people. I believe that people should show their love daily and not just on one day of the year, that is exactly how me and my husband are with each other. We did however use the day to spend some time together as a mini “date night”. We put the girls to bed and then cooked dinner… together..

We then decorated the table with my “non valentines” gift from Jai (he gave it to me the day before as it wasn’t a gift for Valentines Day!)…


Earlier in the day I crafted some Valentine’s Day cards with the girls.. I’m quite pleased at how they turned out! Kayleigh loves painting and Peyton just liked squishing her hands together!!


Just as our dinner was almost ready we got a text from an unhappy Sophia (our good friend) and she was really down about her boyfriend etc (big issues to be worked on!), so we invited her round and shared our dinner with her. We had a few drinks and used our voucher from Sky to watch Turbo! Loved the film, “snailed it!”.
Peyton also joined us just before Sophia left as she’s in pain and ended up in our bed all night! How romantic is that Valentines? But I wouldn’t change my life for the world!
Here’s me and my Valentine..



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