It’s my birthday!

(Written Feb 7th): So the inevitable has happened! I turned 25!! But instead of being sad about it, i never did want to be “a quarter of a century old”, I am going to embrace it! I have two beautiful girls and an adoring husband!
This morning we got up early as life continues- Jai had a shower first and whilst I was showering he woke the girls up to get things ready for me. Then he sat me back in bed with the girls and brought in my “breakfast” and presents. He bought me an All Day Breakfast sandwich from Tesco as he couldn’t get me a proper breakfast in bed due to working early! The girls got me a cute me2u bear and Jai got me a panda pandora charm for my bracelet- cute as he calls me “Pandee” 🙂 He also bought me a “daughter in law” card as I’ll never get one due to his mum having passed away before we met. It was sweet.


After dropping Kayleigh at school (& forgetting to leave her drink!), Peyton fell asleep too so I painted my nails all pretty.

Then my mum and dad came round to give me my card (& £30 inside it), and they stayed and chatted for a bit before they went off onto their holidays, my birthday weekend every year. Whilst they were round Pete called about him watching the girls tonight (first I’d heard of it!) & what he wanted etc. So I packed an overnight bag for the kids.
(Written Feb 8th): the rest of my birthday was relaxed, my Grandad came round and took me to pick up Kayleigh. Then we all went back to his house, where Nan had cooked us lunch. We relaxed for a bit and watched some of the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. Jai was supposed to pick me up after work but forgot and called saying he was almost home. So Pete picked me up, which was a little awkward due to the argument between Mum and Nan. Then he took us home. He then dropped me off and took the girls and the overnight bag etc. As soon as he was gone Jai gave me a New Look bag with a new dress in it and told me I had 1 hour to get ready. So we both got ready and I still had no idea what was going on.

The dress matched my already painted nails perfectly!


He then has to tell me as he wasn’t sure where to park, told me he’d booked a table for 2 at Balti Walla (it’s where we went for our work christmas party and at the time I was ill and upset that I couldn’t eat anything). So we left and I directed him to a carpark nearby, stupidly forgot my coat and it was raining.
But we got there and were directed to our table and got upstairs to see my best friend Sophia, my brother Peter, his fiancée Jemma and our girls there. Kayleigh ran over to us to greet us! It was a nice surprise to have everyone there!

Jai had even bought new matching outfits for the girls for the night too. They were both pretty well behaved until the end, both were tired as the table was booked for 7:30pm. And both even fell asleep, despite the noise in the restaurant.

We played ‘buckaroo’ with Kayleigh as she was flat out haha. Evil parents 😛

As we were leaving the restaurant, I took Peyton, Jemma had Kayleigh, Jai & Pete had the pushchair and Sophia had the cake etc. And I slipped going down the stairs and fell (with Peyton in my arms!). I really hurt my left ankle and got carpet burn on my left elbow (from pushing myself up to protect Peyton!). Luckily Peyton was perfectly fine, didn’t cry and not a mark on her- I took all of the fall! I then had to limb back to the car and we went home. Sophia took Pete and Jem home and then came to ours for a little bit. We put the kids to bed and chatted with Sophia for a bit whilst we put a cold cheese slice on my food (still in packet) to try to cool the swelling!



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