I will not be a frumpy mum…

So i’ve been guilty with the “I’ve just had a baby, I’m allowed to be bigger!” saying. Now my youngest is 10 months old and enough is enough. I’ve been on/off working out with the hubby (using the Insanity workout dvd I got him for Christmas!). But as of now i’ve decided I’m going to work out daily and eat properly. I want to attempt to get back to my pre baby body (or as close to).
I will start the exercise properly on monday (as it’s easier to track days!) and do bits and pieces until then. Even though it’s my birthday tomorrow and I may have some treats but I will still workout to attempt to balance it out.

This is what I used to look like:


And this is a more recent pic of me:

That was from October 2013(halloween) so obviously a fee months old but not a lots changed, I’ve been very good at staying the same weight. I am currently about 179lbs and am determined to lose about 50!
I will continue to post updates with how i’m getting on.


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