Officially a stay at home mum!

This saturday I went “back to work” to help out as my Grandparents offered to watch my girls and work were paying time and a half. I was under the impression that it was meetings and paperwork for the new company take over but instead we were deep cleaning the whole restaurant area, stupidly I wore heeled boots in! But after putting in all the hard work and during out lunch break I asked my boss for a word about my official return. He wouldn’t speak in private but in front of my colleagues and basically said that as I was a zero hour contract he would no longer give me set hours (our old general manager used to, but shes left now). He also said he didn’t really want any part time staff only the full time! He spoke to me so rudely that I broke down later explaining to my mum, who’s a colleague there, about it. But as there’s no set hours it means I can’t return as I can’t get a childminder with no set hours. In a way I’m glad as I didn’t like the job and wasn’t looking forward to returning, now he’s given me the excuse not to.


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