Eventful weekend…

Well I’m a bit slow at blogging this but still recovering from a hectic weekend. Started early saturday morning by working (difficult as I haven’t worked in about a year), luckily my grandparents were able to watch the girls as childcare would be too expensive (and I work with my mum and husband!). Was a very bad start to the weekend, then we picked up the girls from my grandparents and dropped them at my parents, as they were babysitting them for the night so we could celebrate our birthdays.

We decided at the last minute to go to Wetherspoons for a couple of drinks and have a mini “date night” as none of our friends got back to us. Then a few drinks turned into a lot as Jai’s friends decided they could make it and showed up!





Luckily this time I was sensible and able to handle my drink haha!

Was so nice to be able to lie in on Sunday morning, just enjoying each others company! Then it was nice to get ready at my own pace!

We collected the girls from my parents and they had a little “party” with buffet food, cake etc. Pete and Jemma were round with their dog (who for some reason does NOT like Peyton and I really don’t trust him). Honestly the party was boring and we both couldn’t wait to go home, used the girls as an excuse.



The pigs in the cake are supposed to represent us (Jai with the spikey hair, me laying in the mud and the girls butts in the air!).

Got to love a dysfunctional family haha!


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