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BzzAgent Campaign – Frizz Ease Smooth Start


So I recently became a BzzAgent. This is my first product testing campaign for them. I’m lucky to be asked to test these products for them. I have 8 Frizz Ease tester sachets, a full size Frizz Ease Smooth Start Shampoo, full size Frizz Ease Smooth Start Conditioner, full size Frizz Ease Secret Agent Touch-Up Crème and a full size Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum.

I can not wait to start this campaign and will be testing them out from tomorrow morning. Then I will submit a review on the products after I’ve finished testing them into my Reviews section.


Law against pregnant women drinking alcohol
So this link just appeared on my Facebook with lots of debate whether pregnant women should or shouldn’t drink alcohol and whether it should be a crime. I honestly can’t think of anything worse than potentially doing something that could hurt your unborn baby. Now I’m pro-choice, I don’t really agree on abortions but think there are circumstances when it may be best (i.e. rape victim etc) but I feel that the use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs whilst pregnant is disgusting. I don’t smoke or take drugs and as soon as i discovered I was pregnant with my girls I stopped straight away. It was an easy decision for me as my babies health was more important.
However I’m not sure how it’ll be policed if it does become a crime, they’ll obviously not be allowed to buy it when out at a pub etc, but then what about those who don’t show for quite a while or hide it well. Also how can it be proved that they aren’t just drinking at home. It’ll be a very difficult thing to do. I’m totally against drinking whilst pregnant but honestly don’t think it’ll become a crime.

This has been a good week…

… Well despite Peyton being up ALL of thursday night/friday morning in pain and my brother being a stroppy school kid (will explain more later).
But not only did Jai get a new job and finally got to hand in his notice to the horrible company he’s with now, but I just won a competition for free baby snacks. I know that sounds pathetic that I’m excited over this but I never win anything.

This is the comment that won me the goodies:

So monday morning the bundle of Annabel Karmel goodies is on its way to us!

I also got my first Bzz Agent Campaign. I’m going to be testing and reviewing John Freida Frizz Ease products for them. So excited to be able to test new products.

Amber teething bracelets

So we just bought an Amber Teething Bracelet from “Love Amber X” – well actually we bought two as there was a new customer discount but you had to spend at least £10. Peyton’s gotten over the initial “I must eat this bracelet” she seems to be ok wearing it.
They are well designed with a knot between each bead incase it breaks.
Now the test begins to see of they help her with teething pains.



Onwards and upwards…

So yesterday we got some fantastic news! My husband Jai got a new job! He got a promotion to Assistant Manager, and at least a £4k pay rise. Finally something brilliant happened to our family. We’ve had a rough couple of years and struggled a lot so hopefully this is the beginning of something better. The downside is that he will have to work some weekends, evenings and is now contracted 45 hours instead of the 35 he does now.
Funnily when he told the other people he’d recently interviewed for that he had a new job they tried to fight for him. They offered him the same amount of money and less hours (also a monday to friday job) which was tempting for him but it’s not got the same title and it’s an office job which may not entirely be Jai’s field. So excited for him and his promotion- could you tell 🙂

A different kind of Valentine’s Day…

It’s funny how life changes as you get older. So I’m now 25, married with 2 beautiful girls. Valentine’s Day used to be all about flowers, chocolates and gifts, the girls getting flowers to the office and the single girls divided into the “i hate men anyway” category or the “why doesn’t anyone love me” category. I’ve honestly never been big on Valentines Day, always seen it as a commercial ploy to get money out of people. I believe that people should show their love daily and not just on one day of the year, that is exactly how me and my husband are with each other. We did however use the day to spend some time together as a mini “date night”. We put the girls to bed and then cooked dinner… together..

We then decorated the table with my “non valentines” gift from Jai (he gave it to me the day before as it wasn’t a gift for Valentines Day!)…


Earlier in the day I crafted some Valentine’s Day cards with the girls.. I’m quite pleased at how they turned out! Kayleigh loves painting and Peyton just liked squishing her hands together!!


Just as our dinner was almost ready we got a text from an unhappy Sophia (our good friend) and she was really down about her boyfriend etc (big issues to be worked on!), so we invited her round and shared our dinner with her. We had a few drinks and used our voucher from Sky to watch Turbo! Loved the film, “snailed it!”.
Peyton also joined us just before Sophia left as she’s in pain and ended up in our bed all night! How romantic is that Valentines? But I wouldn’t change my life for the world!
Here’s me and my Valentine..



So today I’ve started two new parts of my dieting journey! I’ve started on the SlimFast shakes, and then using fruit as my snacks rather than the SlimFast bars. So having them for breakfast and lunch and then will have a main meal with the family at dinner time.


I also joined DietBet with some of my Instagram girls, where you input funds and win money back (either break even if everyone gets to goal or more if some don’t). But i’ll be happy if I break even. This DietBet says to lose 4% of current weight which says I have to lose 7lbs! I’ll update blogs with progress as I get it!